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Striped Sunflower Seed


Product Specifications: Color – greenish-white kernel, striped peel.

Sunflower seeds are a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids. Unsaturated acids helps lowering the level of the harmful cholesterol in the blood and strengthen the heart and the blood vessels.

Pesticides Standart – fully comply with Regulation (EC) 396/2005 of standards for maximum levels of pesticide residues in food.

This Product is genetically modified organisms free.

No allergen is used during production, according to Regulation (EC) 1169/2011

The product is compliant with   European food-safety regulations and suitable for direct human consumption.





Sunflower seed

Striped sunflower seeds for human consumption Jaguar XL,

Jaguar II, Reina-K, Dakota.

Size – 7.0+, 8.0+, 22/64, 24/64.

Purity – min 99.8%.

Packing – 25kg bags.


Pine Nuts

fresh peeled pine nuts on wooden table

Turkey is the one of the major pine nuts exporter countries in the World.

The PINE NUT is a seed of the pine stone and its scientific name is Pinus Pinea.It is protected by a pine cone ,and black and hard shell.It has white-ivory colour and a special aromatic flavour.It contains proteins and minerals which are energetic.Therefore, it is good for a healthy diet and is famous all over the world.Highly appreciated by the Romans and Arabic people, it is still used today in the most refined pastry recipes and in the cookery (as ingredient).
PINUS PINEA gives pine cones when it was 18/20 years old which is most productive time.It continues to be productively for a maximum period of 70 to 80 years old.The pine cone grows and matures on the tree for 3-years and you can easily check for 3-years crop on the trees.First year’s crop is found at the beginning of branches, then second year’s crop, and third year’s crop is at the end of branch which is very fresh and new.
Throughout the harvesting season, fully matured cones are stored on the storage areas , forming piles, awaiting the shelling process under the sun.
After the opening process of cones under the sun, by means of mechanical processes, the pine nut in shell ¦s seperated from the inside of the cone.Then, it is re-selected and kept the good ones removing the bad ones.
Next step is to shell the pine nut and to remove the pine nut kernel from the interior.This is very special process to crack the seed and to seperate it from interior in order to ensure a good quality and a perfect wiev of the nut.
The products are scanning in new modern electronic and optical selection machineries in our plant due to the pine nuts come in many different sizes and colours in order to get the highest quality for our pine nuts.
The raw material, semi-processed and processed goods are analyzing physically and periodically in our plant by our Food Manager and the microbiological controls are carried out periodically in the external laboratories which are independent and accredited.

The products , which are carried out the strictly hygienic and quality controls, are packed according to the customers’ requests for prompt delivery or stored in suitable storage areas.

We supply Organic and Conventional Pine Nuts.Besides whole Pine Nuts kernel, we are able to supply Pine Nuts Oil and Pine Nuts Oilcake in both Organic and Conventional qualities.

*** The wholesale pine nuts is realized in packs of 25 or 10 pound bags Chili cartons.

Our organic production is inspected periodically by ECOCERT-TR.

*** The wholesale of  pine nuts is done in  25 kgs bags  or 10 kgs boxes.


Candied Chestnut

We supply candied chestnut from the  leading producers of candied chestnuts and chestnut in Turkey.

candied chestnut

Pasteurized Canned Candied Chestnuts

GLASS CAVANOUS: 250 g / 470 g / 500 g / 800 g

LIGHT : 500 g

TIN : 340 g / 500 g / 1.000 g / 1.500 g / 5.000 g

TINKE BREAK : 1.000 g / 5.000 g

CHESTNUT BREAST: 1.000 g Tin / 5.000 g Tin

TINNED CHESTNUT EGMESS: 1.000 g / 5.000 g

NATUREL CHESTNUT: 200 g PE bag Durable Shelf Life Long (1 Year) Boxes

GIFT CHESTNUTY: 170 g / 330 g / 820 g



Roasted Chickpeas (Leblebi)

Roasted Chickpeas (Leblebi)

Roasted Chickpeas (also known as Leblebi and Garbanzo Beans) are roasted in the oven which makes it a great, tasty and healthy snacking alternative.

Roasted Chickpeas are common and popular in Turkey and Middle East; introduced to world market by Turks.

Chickpeas used for Leblebi are selected for shape, size, color and harvesting time. Generally, large seeded (8-9 mm) chickpeas are preferred.

Yellow Roasted Chickpeas Leblebi Supplier BATA FOOD Turkey
 Organic & Conventional

Roasted Yellow Chickpeas

  • Origin: Turkey
  • Type: Roasted
  • Size: 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10 mm
  • Packaging: 10, 12.5, 25 kg cartons, 25, 50 kg kraft bags
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 5000 kg

Yellow Double Roasted Chickpeas Leblebi Supplier BATA FOOD Turkey

Double Roasted Yellow Chickpeas

  • Origin: Turkey
  • Type: Double Roasted
  • Size: 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10 mm
  • Packaging: 10, 12.5, 25 kg cartons, 25, 50 kg kraft bags
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 5000 kg


White Roasted Chickpeas Leblebi Supplier BATA FOOD Turkey

 White Roasted Chickpeas

  • Origin: Turkey
  • Type: Roasted, White
  • Size: 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10 mm
  • Packaging: 10, 12.5, 25 kg cartons, 25, 50 kg kraft bags
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 5000 kg




Turkey is a major producer of pistachio nuts and its nuts are famed for their taste and high quality, and boasts one of the oldest varieties of pistachio, the Gaziantep.

The pistachio nut tree is one of the oldest flowering nut trees, humans have been eating pistachio nut for over 9,000 years. The trees grow in areas where summers are hot and winters are mild such as Turkey, Iran and Greece.  The green and purple colour of the pistachio comes from the antioxidants they contain.  Pistachios  have a high nutritious value and also contain fiber, magnesium and are a good source of Vitamin B6 and copper.  The fact that it comes inside its shell makes it the perfect snacking food.  There is scientific evidence to suggest that eating a small amount of nuts daily provides many health benefits.


Package Options : 10 Kg Casting Carton Package, 5 Kg Vacuum Package, 100-250-400 gr. Doypack Package



In our country fresh chestnuts are grown with quality and vaccination in Odemiş, Nazilli, Kiraz, Bozdağ and Beydağ. Though it has many types, the ones that are the most suitable for export are the kinds we call marrons or şekerci. The chestnuts are divided into size-groups in calibration machines according to the number in 1 Kg such as 45-55 the biggest size, 55-65, 65-75 and 75-85. Then they are cleaned and processed by being subject to selection.


Processed generally in jute sacks and string backs, the chestnuts are packaged in 1 Kgs up to 25 Kgs in line with the demands and then are exported

Chestnut Procurement Table;



The chestnut season begins in the beginning of October and continues till the end of January



Apricot Kernels

We supply both conventional and Organic  Apricot Kernels from its own approved suppliers in Malatya, Turkey. All  Apricot Kernels are cleaned, processed and packaged in our BRC certified facility.

Apricot Kernels (also known as Apricot Seeds) are the small seed found inside the pit of an apricot. Apricot Kernels contain healthy A, B1, B15, B17 and C vitamins and natural enzymes.

We are able to supply them in both organic and conventional types and in many forms such as natural, sortex, diced, blanched, debittered, inshell, oil etc.

These Kernels are coming out of the Malatya Apricots. We do give quality guarantee with sortex cleaning and aflatoxin tests. As the supplier of Apricot Kernels we are proud to supply a product contains B17.

Why Would You Buy  From Us?

We are the biggest supplier of both conventional and organic apricot kernels. we do even deliver 1 pallet load to 7 different Continents in the world.

Organic & Conventional
Sweet and Bitter Apricot Kernelsapricot kernel

  • Origin: Turkey
  • Type: Sweet and Bitter Kernels as whole rawblancheddiced, meal, oil.
    Both Natural, Sulphured and Sortex varieties are available.

  • Packaging: 25 kg vacuum bags in cartons, 25 – 50 kg kraft bags. Different packaging options are available upon request.
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 kg


Dried White Mulberries