Frozen Food


Frozen Food

Why frozen food is so popular.

Today frozen food is so popular and common nutrition all of us. We can consume vegetable, fruit, meat e.t.c in any season and we don’t have to wait for its season. Frozen food also gives us a practical solution for our dinner, lunch or breakfast table. We earn time to prepare our meal that is the one of the best thing  today’s working people.

Special techniques

Frozen vegetable, frozen fruit are prepared using special techniques which provides nutritional value is still same as first day. That is wonderful for people who want to have high quality vegetable and fruit.

On the other hand consumer should know that food, vegetable are picked up high quality harvest to produce as a frozen food in our company. Low quality products are eliminated immediately by our experienced team. That is the most important reason the people choose frozen food.

Iqf vegetable.

Iqf vegetable, the term IQF means: individually quick frozen. IQF foods are each individual piece of food is frozen separately from the others. A package individually quick frozen food doesn’t just contain a solid block of frozen food, but , each of the individually frozen food is loose inside the package. So that, this makes individually quick frozen foods much easier to use and work with.

What is the benefit of Iqf (individually frozen food)

We can easily say that basic advantage of the method of preparing frozen material is saving time. What does it mean? Well…The process doesn’t take so much time just a couple minutes is enough. Actually absolute time depends on kind of Iqf products and of course freezer. The short freezing blocks shape of the ice crystal that we don’t want to have in frozen food’s cell. It successfully destroys the boundary structure in the molecular degree. Thanks to that food keeps smell, taste and color.

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