In our country fresh chestnuts are grown with quality and vaccination in Odemiş, Nazilli, Kiraz, Bozdağ and Beydağ. Though it has many types, the ones that are the most suitable for export are the kinds we call marrons or şekerci. The chestnuts are divided into size-groups in calibration machines according to the number in 1 Kg such as 45-55 the biggest size, 55-65, 65-75 and 75-85. Then they are cleaned and processed by being subject to selection.


Processed generally in jute sacks and string backs, the chestnuts are packaged in 1 Kgs up to 25 Kgs in line with the demands and then are exported

Chestnut Procurement Table;



The chestnut season begins in the beginning of October and continues till the end of January


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