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You Need It, We Gladly Provide It. Our #1 priority is you. We have a wide range of Turkish products in our range but you may be looking for more. With our strong network and professional team, we source and supply food ingredients from all over the world. Feel free to contact us and send your inquiries.

Pallet Quantity Shipment

Unlike many other suppliers, our minimum order quantity is only 1 pallet per item for most of the Turkey origin products.

Mixed container loads

We can combine your all orders just in one place and ship to you safely. You can use your own forwarder or see our logistics rates.

Real organic products

We provide real organic products from the farms of turkey

Premium quality with reasonable prices

We offer you the best quality with the best price

Delivery support

we offer you the best shipping patterns at the best possible costs

100% Quality guarantee

We stand behind every delivery we plan as our best work – something we are proud to put our name on and something we are proud to offer to you .


Byfoodsourcing Sep 30, 2018

Dried Apricot Export

Turkey Is The Home Of High Quality Dried Apricot Export   Over %80 of the world trust in Turkey for dried apricot export. The country is

Byfoodsourcing Sep 16, 2018

Frozen Food

Why frozen food is so popular. Today frozen food is so popular and common nutrition all of us. We can consume vegetable, fruit, meat e.t.c in

Byfoodsourcing Sep 10, 2018

Dried Fig Export Is A Growing Market

Turkey is among world leaders in the production and exportation of dried fruits. Dried fig is among these fruits taking the lead. From a global p

Byfoodsourcing Sep 9, 2018

About Dried Figs – Dried Figs Crop 2018

The first shipment date of Dried Figs Crop 2018 announced on 26 September 2018 and wait for approval of Turkish Agriculture Ministery.  

sun dried apricot
Byfoodsourcing Jun 20, 2018

Determination of sulfur content in dry apricot

Although apricot fruit can be grown in as soon as quotation to all part of the world, it spreads to European, Central Asian, American and African

Byfoodsourcing May 20, 2018

Quality Standarts in Turkish Dried Fruit Market

Nowadays There is a long estrange surrounded by the producer and the consumer and the agro-food market. It is a global problem which in turn for