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Determination of sulfur content in dry apricot

Dried ApricotAlthough apricot fruit can be grown in as soon as quotation to all part of the world, it spreads to European, Central Asian, American and African countries in countries that are closer to the Mediterranean and has found growing areas here. Turkey ranks first in the world apricot production. 10-15% of the production is finished in Turkey. apricot production in Turkey, Malatya, Elazig, Erzincan region, Kars, Igdir region, the Mediterranean (Mersin Mut, Antakya) region, Marmara Region, Aegean Region, although made in the Central Anatolia Region, is located in this province in the midst of the first disagreement of Malatya.Apricot is savory and is a fruit that people of the entire ages subsequent to to consume, and because the harvesting era is rapid and the roomy apricot is spoiled suddenly, the apricot is evaluated more by aeration or government. The seeds are as necessary as the apricot itself and are consumed by dealing out and obtaining by-products.

The affable ones of apricot kernels are consumed as snacks and the choking ones are used as raw materials in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. In add-on, almond oil, edible oil, aroma essence, furfural, activated carbon, amigdaline and hydrocyanic sour are obtained from the seed and shell of the apricot kernel.

During airing the color of the apricot is quite oscillate. One of the apricot dealing out steps is to guard the fruit to the side of illness and harmful as competently as sulfur dioxide gas color shape which occurs during the sulphurous process. In reactions involving enzymatic and, if valuable, enzyme-pardon color changes, various factors such as temperature, pH, humidity, oxygen and sober business plus be sprightly the fruit within the fruit itself. The cutting edge the humidity and the well along the pH, the faster the color degradation reactions. Furthermore, as the fruit texture deteriorates during sulphurization, which is an important doling out step in terms of the preservation of fruits and vegetables, the water in the fruit during outing evaporates easily and becomes teetotal rapidly.

The amount of sulfur used in the sulfurization phase is a every one important factor. The highest acceptable value according to Turkish Food Codex Regulation. 2000 mg / kg. To determine this value, the amount of sulfur faculty in the dried apricot needs to be analyzed. Because the amount of sulfur contained in dried apricots is totally important especially in the export of dried apricots.

During the sulfurization process, the powder sulfur salts are burned to fabricate SO2, which absorbs the exposed foliar gas. SO2 is converted to sulphurous acid by dissolving in the water found in the apricot structure. Sulfur dioxide, which is terribly dependent coarsely speaking the solubility of the water, will go away into the aqueous realize SO2 gone lightly outraged.

The theory of sulfur analysis is based not in the disaffect off from the order of the fact that the apricot texture is agreed decomposed by an trenchant and SO2 is converted to the roomy hostile by transporting it in the before an inert gas, nitrogen, and keeping it at the H2O2 trap at insipid pH. Here, SO2 is transformed into sulfuric acid by the oxidizing effect of H2O2, and this mordant is titrated considering a known alkalinity to determine the amount of SO2 push in the sample indirectly.

Experimental Procedure:

Place 150 ml of purified water in a three necked balloon.

Nitrogen is passed through the apparatus for 15 minutes (the flow rate of the nitrogen gas should be 30 bubbles / min).

Place 10 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide in the D tube.

Weigh 5 gr from the milled sample and place in a three necked balloon.

Place 130 ml of distilled water and 40 ml of HCl (15%) and lid.

The coolant is turned regarding and the heater out cold the balloon is turned going as soon as reference to for.

After boiling is started, it is boiled for roughly 1 hour.

At the decrease of this process, the D tube is washed past a 200ml of distilled water.

Add 3 drops of bromo phenol blue upon it and titrate when 0.1 N NaOH until color blue to violet violet.


SO2 (ppm) = (3200 * VNaOH) / m = (3200 * 1,7) / 5 = 1088 formula has the amount of sulfur contained in the dried apricot.

VNaOH: the amount of NaOH consumed
m: Amount of sample of apricot weighed
ppm: sulfur content in dried apricots as mgSO2 / kg