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Dried Fig Export Is A Growing Market

natural figsTurkey is among world leaders in the production and exportation of dried fruits. Dried fig is among these fruits taking the lead. From a global perspective, the consumption of dried fig is increasing every other year. As a result of numerous benefits of dried fruit for health, people seem to show a tendency in making purchase of high quality dried figs.


Globally known Turkish figs are preferred as delicious and healthy source of organic figs all over the world. This is why the share of Turkey in dried fig export is around 60 – 70% in the world. As the country is where fig production is traditional and, also considering that fig is a plant native to Middle East and Western Asia, these data is not surprising at all.

Dried fig requires ultimate attention

Fig is actually a very strong fruit at the beginning until it reaches full maturity. The reason for dried fig market requires ultimate attention is basically related to the process after maturity. Figs are harvested in August and they fall down in a very short time once they got mature. So, they need to be collected daily.


Especially organic dried fig needs a very special treatment until it is served to the consumer. The figs are placed on plastic sheets or trays to be dried for up to 4 days. The optimal rate of water content is below 20%. During this process, the figs are kept under a mosquito net to be fully protected.


When the fruits are dried, they are packed and ready for exportation!

Benefits of dried fruit


There are totally valid reasons for the increase in dried fig export and dried fruit consume. Dried fruit is highly nutritious. Dried fruit provides energy as well as micronutrients, fiber and antioxidants. A few dried figs can be a healthy source of a large percentage of the daily recommended intake of many vitamins and minerals.


Considering all the benefits of dried fruits, the interest in them will maintain increasing. And accordingly, the dried fig export will get more and more important, especially if the figs are organic and dried with a great attention to human health.

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