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About Dried Figs – Dried Figs Crop 2018

The first shipment date of Dried Figs Crop 2018 announced on 26 September 2018 and wait for approval of Turkish Agriculture Ministery.


The crop 2018 is announced 80.000 Tons (-+5%),there are around 3% increase on new crop.

The quality and color seems normal,in some zones there are bad quality and sour figs due weather conditions,We will select zones during our purchasing to avoid these problems.

New crop seems 4-5 days early than last year and around 10-15% crop will be open mouth type figs due weather condition.



Please advice, your interests as types,as packings and also as sizes of new crop dried figs,

We will inform you about our offers beginning of September 2018 and wait for your news to organize our shipments,

If do you have any question,please do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward your news and best regards,