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Dried Apricot Export

Turkey Is The Home Of High Quality Dried Apricot Export


Over %80 of the world trust in Turkey for dried apricot export. The country is already the leader in production and export of dried apricot in the world. Specifically, EU countries and USA prefers Turkish dried apricot in order to meet the demand of high quality dried apricot of the consumer.


USA, England, Germany, France and Russia are has the largest share in dried apricot import across the world. Around 60% of Turkish dried apricot is exported to these countries. When the fact that Turkey is also the leading country in fresh apricot production, the domination of the country in apricot market is an expected result.


Considering the import from a more sociological perspective, people’s interest in dried apricot is constantly increasing. The main reason for that is the raising level of awareness about the benefits of dried apricot for health. And accordingly dried apricot export to various countries expands year by year. Globally known Turkish apricots are preferred as tastyand nutritioussource all over the world.

Dried apricot production is a serious job

Apricotis avery vulnerable fruit and requires special care starting from the blooming. Apricot cultivation finds its best environment in the province of Malatya, located in Central Eastern Anatolian Region. İzmir follows Malatya in İzmir as the other capital of Turkish dried fruits such as apricots and figs.


Fruit-bearing trees are obtained from zerdali, which is a variety of apricot seeds in apricot production. Once the fruit is mature and collected, there comes the drying process. There are two important quality criteria of dried apricots with regard to the legal standard: moisture and SO2 contents, which should not exceed 25% and 0,25% by weight respectively.


When the apricots are dried, they are packed and ready for being delivered in the importing countries.

Benefits of dried apricot


Dried apricots are commonly consumed for its high nutrients and its taste. They are highly beneficial for human health and contain a large amount of sugar, starch, protein, pectin, pectose, cellulose, vitamins and acids.


The apricot is mainly used to strengthen the bones, brain functions, liver, teeth, and cardiac muscles. Also, it is a food that is consumed against cancer, kidney stones, anemia etc. All the benefits of dried apricots increase the interest in them. The market share of Turkish dried apricot does not seem to shrink soon considering the high quality of the fruits.


Frozen Food

Why frozen food is so popular.

Today frozen food is so popular and common nutrition all of us. We can consume vegetable, fruit, meat e.t.c in any season and we don’t have to wait for its season. Frozen food also gives us a practical solution for our dinner, lunch or breakfast table. We earn time to prepare our meal that is the one of the best thing  today’s working people.

Special techniques

Frozen vegetable, frozen fruit are prepared using special techniques which provides nutritional value is still same as first day. That is wonderful for people who want to have high quality vegetable and fruit.

On the other hand consumer should know that food, vegetable are picked up high quality harvest to produce as a frozen food in our company. Low quality products are eliminated immediately by our experienced team. That is the most important reason the people choose frozen food.

Iqf vegetable.

Iqf vegetable, the term IQF means: individually quick frozen. IQF foods are each individual piece of food is frozen separately from the others. A package individually quick frozen food doesn’t just contain a solid block of frozen food, but , each of the individually frozen food is loose inside the package. So that, this makes individually quick frozen foods much easier to use and work with.

What is the benefit of Iqf (individually frozen food)

We can easily say that basic advantage of the method of preparing frozen material is saving time. What does it mean? Well…The process doesn’t take so much time just a couple minutes is enough. Actually absolute time depends on kind of Iqf products and of course freezer. The short freezing blocks shape of the ice crystal that we don’t want to have in frozen food’s cell. It successfully destroys the boundary structure in the molecular degree. Thanks to that food keeps smell, taste and color.


Dried Fig Export Is A Growing Market

natural figsTurkey is among world leaders in the production and exportation of dried fruits. Dried fig is among these fruits taking the lead. From a global perspective, the consumption of dried fig is increasing every other year. As a result of numerous benefits of dried fruit for health, people seem to show a tendency in making purchase of high quality dried figs.


Globally known Turkish figs are preferred as delicious and healthy source of organic figs all over the world. This is why the share of Turkey in dried fig export is around 60 – 70% in the world. As the country is where fig production is traditional and, also considering that fig is a plant native to Middle East and Western Asia, these data is not surprising at all.

Dried fig requires ultimate attention

Fig is actually a very strong fruit at the beginning until it reaches full maturity. The reason for dried fig market requires ultimate attention is basically related to the process after maturity. Figs are harvested in August and they fall down in a very short time once they got mature. So, they need to be collected daily.


Especially organic dried fig needs a very special treatment until it is served to the consumer. The figs are placed on plastic sheets or trays to be dried for up to 4 days. The optimal rate of water content is below 20%. During this process, the figs are kept under a mosquito net to be fully protected.


When the fruits are dried, they are packed and ready for exportation!

Benefits of dried fruit


There are totally valid reasons for the increase in dried fig export and dried fruit consume. Dried fruit is highly nutritious. Dried fruit provides energy as well as micronutrients, fiber and antioxidants. A few dried figs can be a healthy source of a large percentage of the daily recommended intake of many vitamins and minerals.


Considering all the benefits of dried fruits, the interest in them will maintain increasing. And accordingly, the dried fig export will get more and more important, especially if the figs are organic and dried with a great attention to human health.

Dried Apricots


About Dried Figs – Dried Figs Crop 2018

The first shipment date of Dried Figs Crop 2018 announced on 26 September 2018 and wait for approval of Turkish Agriculture Ministery.


The crop 2018 is announced 80.000 Tons (-+5%),there are around 3% increase on new crop.

The quality and color seems normal,in some zones there are bad quality and sour figs due weather conditions,We will select zones during our purchasing to avoid these problems.

New crop seems 4-5 days early than last year and around 10-15% crop will be open mouth type figs due weather condition.



Please advice, your interests as types,as packings and also as sizes of new crop dried figs,

We will inform you about our offers beginning of September 2018 and wait for your news to organize our shipments,

If do you have any question,please do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward your news and best regards,


Frozen Carrot

We collect the most natural and high quality broccoli for you.We produce IQF Carrots that obtained from young carrots which are chosen among the best varietions. After appropriate selection process they are washing, peeling, water is removing, individually freezing and packaging before we put into your service.



September – March


Cleaned, Washed, Blanched

Whole, Cube 6×6 mm, 10×10 mm, Rondelle, Crinkle


1×10 Kg.    |    1×20 Kg.    |    5×2.5 Kg.


Frozen Cauliflower


We collect the most natural and high quality cauliflower for you and produce  t clean, whole, tasty and flavourful IQF cauliflower. Here our customers always find IQF Cauliflowers which has right color, high quality and tasty. Cooking recipes of frozen cauliflowers are extremely easy and healty.


October – January


Cleaned, Blanched
Non-Calibrated, Floret 20-40 mm, 40-60


1×10 Kg.    |    3×2.5 Kg.

Frozen Peas


Frozen Broccoli


We collect the most natural and high quality broccoli for you and we produce high quality IQF Broccoli which meets the stardarts of IQF to be sure for the freshest produce.






IQF Broccoli Whole Froze


Cello Bags / Doypack / Cartons


Cleaned, Blanched

Non-Calibrated, Floret 20-40 mm, 40-60 mm.


October – December


About Broccoli

Broccoli is a cool-season crop, closely related to cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and mustard. It can be grown as either a spring or a fall crop. Broccoli is a high-quality vegetable for fresh use and is one of the more popular frozen vegetables. Broccoli is highly nutritious and has been deemed an anti-cancerous food by the American Cancer Society. This vegetable is a good source of Vitamin A, calcium, and riboflavin (or vitamin B2). The edible portion of the broccoli plant consists of the tender stem and the unopened flower buds. Sprouting broccoli should not be confused with broccoli-raab (or Italian turnip), which is grown for early leafy greens and with much smaller flower shoots.


Frozen Strawberry