Apricot Kernels


Apricot Kernels

We supply both conventional and Organic  Apricot Kernels from its own approved suppliers in Malatya, Turkey. All  Apricot Kernels are cleaned, processed and packaged in our BRC certified facility.

Apricot Kernels (also known as Apricot Seeds) are the small seed found inside the pit of an apricot. Apricot Kernels contain healthy A, B1, B15, B17 and C vitamins and natural enzymes.

We are able to supply them in both organic and conventional types and in many forms such as natural, sortex, diced, blanched, debittered, inshell, oil etc.

These Kernels are coming out of the Malatya Apricots. We do give quality guarantee with sortex cleaning and aflatoxin tests. As the supplier of Apricot Kernels we are proud to supply a product contains B17.

Why Would You Buy  From Us?

We are the biggest supplier of both conventional and organic apricot kernels. we do even deliver 1 pallet load to 7 different Continents in the world.

Organic & Conventional
Sweet and Bitter Apricot Kernelsapricot kernel

  • Origin: Turkey
  • Type: Sweet and Bitter Kernels as whole rawblancheddiced, meal, oil.
    Both Natural, Sulphured and Sortex varieties are available.

  • Packaging: 25 kg vacuum bags in cartons, 25 – 50 kg kraft bags. Different packaging options are available upon request.
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 kg


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